I have installed Noble Fidelity speakers in my last two homes, and continue to be blown away by the range and precision of sounds coming from these amazing speakers. Gregory at Noble Fidelity spent countless hours with me, both over the phone and behind the scenes, designing and perfecting the right speaker combinations and exact locations in order to optimize the listening experience in my living rooms. Guests of ours can’t believe that our ceiling speakers, mostly hidden from view, can fill our home with such clear and concise sounds and music.

Beyond selling incredible speakers at a very fair price, Gregory takes customer service to a new level and truly stands behind his products. I’ve already referred one friend who has retrofitted his home with Noble Fidelity speakers and will certainly be telling others of this wonderful company.

— Kris S.

The L-62 and L-65 LCRS speakers were installed a long time after the purchase, maybe by early December. I have been wanting to write to you everytime I use them but kept forgetting. They are outstanding. Thank you very much for everything.
— Nagapradeep N.

Time goes so quickly! Yesterday, I was hearing music in my house and, suddenly, came to my mind that I´ve told you nothing about the loudspeakers. I’m sorry, because I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that I really love them. The sound is great. I had high expectations about the loudspeakers and I’m not at the least disappointed. On the contrary, they sound even better than I expected.

I want you to know that I am a very happy Noble Fidelity customer!
— Antonio N.

We are thrilled with the whole system, especially the home theatre which sounds terrific. We recently visited a friends place who has a very upmarket (and expensive) system in a custom designed home theatre room. We took over a Bob Dylan DVD that we play a lot on our system, so know it very well. The only difference I could pick was a slightly more encompassing bass – thanks I guess to his double subwoofer setup. Otherwise I thought the sound quality from our system was every bit as good as his. My wife commented on the way home that she also thought that there was no difference in the sound quality between our systems, but that our chairs were far more comfortable. That is an important consideration that I do not see mentioned in home theatre literature. To be honest, I often put on a good musical DVD, close my eyes, lie back and let the music wash over me – I can’t do that sitting in an upright chair. Maybe that’s just me.

Friends have also commented on how wonderful it is to have background music throughout the house. MR audio is something quite new here, so hopefully some of the speaker business might go your way in the future. You can be assured that I am singing your praises to everyone who will listen.
— Jim B.

Though we never intended it, our L-62 in-walls are probably the most played speakers in the house. They fill our kitchen/dining area with detailed, engaging music that feels smooth across the frequency range.

I selected the L-62’s to provide clear background music – which they do with aplomb – but we love turning them up loud – dancing, singing and otherwise embarrassing ourselves through family time. They give the coffins in the sitting-room a run for the money. We have just fitted a pair of L-85’s to an outdoor sitting area and they sound equally impressive. I’m not sure our neighbours will be too pleased when summer comes around – these speakers demand to be heard. And, I loved the easy, well–thought–out mountings.
— Ian T.

I purchased Noble Fidelity products after extensive research and comparing the quality of the speakers to other in wall and in ceiling speakers of various companies and realized that there is NO comparison to the robust quality of Noble Fidelity’s speakers, also the sound is amazing, but that is expected with the quality of the components used to construct the speakers.

I will purchase from Noble Fidelity in the future because the speakers they make are “top of the line” and it’s easy doing business with Gregory Ford.

Thanks again for the great product at an awesome price!
— Greg H.

Thank you again for all your help figuring out how best to place speakers in our basement wall unit. They look and sound absolutely fantastic!! We can’t believe how amazing it all turned out. Happy Holidays!!
— Adam G.