Noble Fidelity’s mission is to improve upon the experience of sound reproduction through the use of “hidden” in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers that compliment your decor and redefine value.

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Building a Noble Fidelity Hi-Fi or Home Theater Speaker System

Building a Noble Fidelity Hi-Fi or Home Theater Speaker System

We’re often asked by customers, “what Noble Fidelity speakers should I buy?” While all of our loudspeakers will provide you with superior sound compared to the competition, we understand that it may not always be the easiest decision choosing just what speaker or speakers to buy. So, we thought we’d put together a few virtual bundles to help you out, starting with something simple, and working our way up to a system a bit more complex.


If you’re wanting to enjoy two-channel or stereo sound in one room in your home the most cost effective solution would be to purchase two L-65 MK II in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeakers.

Mate your new L-65 MK II speakers with an SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer and power it all with a 2.1 channel receiver from Pioneer for a complete 2.1 channel music and movie system complete with wireless music capability for under $1,500! Save $500 and replace the award-winning SVS subwoofer with a less expensive, but similarly equipped subwoofer from Monoprice.

You can add Bluetooth and streaming music compatibility to any of our speakers simply by choosing to purchase a receiver with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capability, it really is THAT easy.


Let Sonos spice up your Noble Fidelity experience by powering any of our loudspeakers using a Sonos Amp. By utilizing a Sonos Amp as your main amplifier, you can make ANY Noble Fidelity loudspeaker compatible with any existing Sonos product! One Sonos Amp is all it takes driving a pair of L-65 MKII in-wall speakers and you’re in wireless in-wall loudspeaker heaven! Oh, and it costs less than $1,500 and sounds better than most loudspeaker combos at twice the price!

Of course you can simply repeat this setup in every room you want to enjoy fantastic sound quality for a complete, smart home, distributed audio solution.


Buy 5, L-65 MKII in-wall speakers and power them with a Sony STRDH590 5.2 channel receiver for an immersive home theater experience for well under $2,500!

Of course, no matter what route you choose to go, we at Noble Fidelity are ALWAYS HERE TO SUPPORT YOU in your journey.

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